100 % Renewable Electricity By 2030

How much does generation of renewable electricty in Austria have to grow to reach the target stipulated in the Austrian government's #mission2030? What are the advantags and disadvantages of different support schemes? 

The Austrian Energy and Climate Strategy „mission2030“ sets the target to reach 100 % renewable electricity by 2030. Put simply, this means that the same amount of renewable electricity needs to be generated over a year in Austria, that equals the final enegy consumers in the public grid in a year (after deduction of some exceptions.) 

A study by the Energy Institute for Business (in German only, please see the German version of this page) estimates what renewable electricity generation capacity would need to be added until 2030 to reach this target.

It also describes the advantages and disadvantag different design elements of support schemes for renewable electricity and presents the support systems in selected European countries.

The legislation for the promotion of renewables sets out the more specfic framework conditions for the support for generation of renewable electricity  until 2030. The draft published for consultation in September 2020 foresees that the volume of support to be covered by electricity consumers should not exceed one billion Euro, averaged over three years. A short analysis by the Energy Institute (available in German only, please see the German page) looks at different parameters that influence the development of this amount.

Period: August 2018 to December 2019