B4C - Business for Climate

B4C offers bundled information on how businesses can benefit while contributing to greenhouse gas reduction. Brochures on e-mobility, sustainable cooling, photovoltaics and storage systems, as well as energy efficiency measures are available as free downloads.

By illustrating many practical examples of Austrian firms of various sectors and sizes, business4climate hopes to raise awareness about these tested and well-proven technologies, and inspire other businesses to follow suit.

The initiative is supported by the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds.

Currently, four publications are available for download for free
(in German only).

Period: August 2020

Project Partner: Klima- und Energiefonds

> Electomobility and its Benefits for Businesses

> Cooling with the Power of the Sun and with Waste Heat - an Option for Your Business?

> Photovoltaic Systems and Power Storage Solutions for Businesses

B4C: Energieeffizienz für Betriebe (Cover)

> Energy Efficiency for Businesses