Is PV an option for my business? - 5 folders


In a nutshell, these five folders provide an overview about the main questions to consider and the first steps towards a well-planned PV installation. They present practical examples from businesses in the crafts, industry, retail, tourism and transport sectors.

More and more businesses decide to install PV-modules at their premises to supply part of their own electricity need.
And rightly so: Prices for the modules have fallen by more than half within a few years, and since January 2020, there are additional good news in Austria:  For self-generated and self-consumed photovoltaic power, the energy levy of 1,5 cent per kWh is entirely waived! So, this renewable energy source merits fresh attention.

The folders are available in German language only. You an download them from the German area of our website.

They were created by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in cooperation with the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds and with the Energy Institute for Business.