Talks & Publications

Electricity Storage Brochure 2018

This brochure (only available in German) describes how businesses can use batteries to save electricity cost or to better utilize self-generated PV-power, it describes available battery storage systems and components and includes practical examples....Read more

Word-Crowd Crowdinvesting Crowdfunding Energy Efficiency

Crowdfunding for Energy Measures in Businesses?

What chances does this trend offer for the financing of energy efficiency measures or renewable energies in businesses?Read more

Living Model with a Future. Workshop Series

In politics and media, living space and affordable living are frequently discussed. The project team of the research project „WohnMODELLmitZukunft" develops prototypes of innovative, integrated models of living, which are screened for technical, financial...Read more

Energy Efficiency Benchmarks and Brochures

In 2009, EIW started to summarize the results of energy audits conducted in SMEs to calculate sector specific energy benchmarks and summarize the most common recommendations in sector-specific brochures.Read more

EIWInsights - Energy Efficiency Obligation Systems

This issue of EIWInsights  (in German) presents the energy efficiency obligation systems from Denmark, France and Italy, and...Read more