EIWInsights: Hydrogen

A useful overview of possible applications, transport routes, production and storage options for hydrogen, important cost factors in its production and prerequisites for the use of green hydrogen on a larger scale.

In addition, pilot projects in Austria are presented that show the diverse use of hydrogen in practice and innovative approaches of domestic companies.

EIWInsights 1/2021 HYDROGEN (German)

From the content:
  • Seven questions about hydrogen
  • Foreword: H₂ as a carrier of hope
  • Hydrogen - a central element of the energy transition
  • Production of hydrogen
  • Transporting and storing hydrogen
  • Hydrogen in Austria's climate strategy
  • Green gas
  • Where is hydrogen needed?
  • How much does green hydrogen cost?
  • Cross-border hydrogen network
  • Conclusion: The path towards a hydrogen turnaround

This edition of EIWInsights was produced with the kind support of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.