Cuba Solar

The main objective of the Cuba Solar project was building a sustainable cooperation between the two countries on the topic of solar energy use by know-how...Read more

STEEEP - Support and Training for an Excellent Energy Efficiency Performance

Training sessions and consultancy sessions as well as directives for effective energy management tools, developed by 34 chambers of commerce in 10 different...Read more


The GREENFOODS project supported European producers of food and beverages to improve their competitiveness by achieving higher energy efficiency and...Read more

100 % Renewable Electricity By 2030

How much does generation of renewable electricty in Austria have to grow to reach the target stipulated in the Austrian government's #mission2030? What...Read more

Energy Efficiency - Chance for the Economy

Aim of the project on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT) has been to identify product and service areas on the Austrian...Read more

Smart City Initial Position

Following the establishment of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities & Communities (EIP SCC), related Austrian business and city...Read more

R&D Roadmap for energy-efficient electric products and components

The Austrian Roadmap for research and development in the area of energy-efficient products and components contains key areas for research, but also specific...Read more

ESP: Energy Efficiency Hungary Austria

Information material on energy efficiency for five selected branches was published in German and Hungarian as part of this project. In addition,...Read more

CHANGE - Chambers Promoting Intelligent Energy for SMEs

The project helped small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in 12 European countries optimise their energy use by developing a European network of...Read more